Thursday, 22 June 2017

Summer is here! 

This is our last month in junior infants. We have had such a fantastic first year in school! Together, we have learned a lot of new things and have made so many new friends. June was a busy month for us, as we had tests, sports day and our show! Our teachers are so proud of us, and all of the hard work we have done. Have a look at some of the work we have completed this month!


This month we have been visiting the library bus and exploring the different books they have! We have also been practicing our writing. Ms. O’ Brien said we have become super writers! Since the beginning of the year we have made big improvements with our handwriting! Check out our writing about the winter show!

Under the sea

Something fishy happened this month...Junior infants went exploring the ocean! We learned lots about the different fish that you can see in the sea, and even created some fishy art!


We also sailed the high seas this month and became pirates! This was great fun and we found buried treasure in the yard! Some of us got lost along the way but we all found the treasure in the end!

Many creatures live in the ocean and we explored this using our water area! There were starfish, clown fish and some of us even saw a mermaid! Can you see them too?


There was great excitement in junior infants when Ms. O’ Brien opened a class shop! We have been learning all about money in maths and had great fun being shopkeepers and customers! Check out the pictures of us in the shop!

Let’s get active!

A big thank you to all the mums and dads who have been sending in fruit and vegetables in our lunch boxes! This has helped us to become healthy and active in school! We had sports day this month and had great fun in all of the races. A big well done to the boys and girls for taking part and trying their best! Please keep being active during the holidays!

On Tuesday we had our end of year show! We performed Alice in Wonderland. We worked really hard to learn all of our lines and had great fun! The whole class really enjoyed taking part in our first play!

We hope everyone enjoys the holidays! Remember to keep reading and be active during the time off!

Note from teacher: please keep packing a bottle of water in your child’s bag for the warm weather. Over the summer it is really important to visit the library to help with their reading! I am so proud of all the work they have done this year!