Saturday, 6 May 2017

Summer time in Junior infants!
 It has been a busy few weeks in the junior infant classroom and the end of the year is coming quickly! Junior infants have been working really hard to prepare themselves for senior infants next year and have had lots of fun learning in different ways! All of the teachers are very proud of the work the children have done. 


We read the book Commotion in the ocean! We tried to walk like the different animals. Have a look at us walking like crabs and penguins! This was really fun! We have made huge improvements in our reading and have been visiting the mobile library.


In math we have been learning about light and heavy. We got to measure different objects using scales and balances. This was lots of fun. We worked together to guess which object was heavier. We even balanced some objects!


We learned all about magnets! Magnets attract objects that are metal. We became scientists to find out what was made of metal in our classroom. Then, we worked together to make our superheroes fly! This was lots of fun!



We have been working on our school garden. The whole school has worked together to plant and the secondary school has helped us too. It has helped us to learn all about what plants need to live and how to care for them!

Active school week

This month we became athletes! We completed lots of fun activities such as tug of war, Frisbee, a picnic and even had a visit from a member of an garda síochána! He played the sireens of his car and it was very loud!

The aquatic centre 

The whole school were invited to the National aquatic centre to watch the swim Ireland competition. We had great fun at this and even got to try out their running track!  We have started our own swimming lessons too!

Notes to parents: please practice getting changed into swimming clothes and back into tracksuit as this will help with swimming!

Islamic studies

Alhamdulillah we have finished our nuraniah last month for this year. As a result the children all received Quran gift bags from the school. Now the children have started Hifz (memorisation) of Juz Am'ma. They are progressing really well and we are very happy with them!



These are the shapes that the children in junior infants have covered and learnt. Here is a sample of the shapes that the children have learned in Arabic. We thought them the shapes in Arabic in addition to the colours also. They really enjoyed colouring and matching each shape outline with their correct shape in written Arabic. 

The children have been learning lots of new words in Arabic and can say these in English too! Have a look at our posters. The children love to compare the words in English and Arabic!

In this picture we learned the letter mem (M) in Arabic and we took the word maleaqa which is spoon in Arabic .

The children have completed some amazing homework! Have a look at the fantastic work they have done!