Thursday, 30 March 2017

Junior infants:
Finally it is spring, and in junior infants we have been learning all about the signs of spring. As well as this we have been enjoying learning in different ways.

Food dudes
We have had a busy few months in school. We finished our food dudes programme and we have all been earning certificates! We want to thank all of our mums and dads for giving us lots of lovely fruit and vegetables each day! These help us to grow big and strong, and help us to concentrate more in class. In the next few months we will be trying to drink more water in class! Please help me to remember my water bottle each day (especially when it gets warmer!)

100 days of school
Can you believe it has been over 100 days since we started school?! During these few months we have worked very hard and Ms. O’ Brien is so proud of us all! To celebrate our 100th day of school we had a party and completed lots of fun activities such as making a tower of 100, finger painting and cake decoration. Some of us haven’t missed any days of school and we received a certificate!

Junior infants have become bookworms! We all love to read and have been practicing in school and at home! We love to read new words using our sound it out method and have even begun to learn new tricky words! Our mums and dads have helped us at home to read and this has helped us lots! During our playtime we had a reading corner where we got to read lots of new books. We love to look at the pictures and predict what the story will be about!

The vets
During March we have been learning all about the vet. He is a doctor for animals! We learned some new words like receptionist and vaccination! We loved dressing up like the vet and making pet carriers out of our stickle bricks! This was tricky as they kept breaking. However, when we worked together we made some excellent carriers!

Spring is our favourite season in junior infants and we have been learning lots about the signs of spring. We even had a garden centre in our classroom! We used a checklist to look for signs of spring in the school. Senior and junior infants even went on a nature walk. We saw daffodils, ducks and even a swan!

It has been a busy few months in our math class! We have learned all about the number 5, and we also began to measure things in our classroom. We explored length using ribbon, cubes and links. We even measured the height of our partner!

World book day!
A big well done to everyone who dressed up for world book day! We had lots of fun in school completing a book quiz and parade. The whole school became illustrators and designed their own cover for a book! Everyone had a great day and the costumes were amazing!

Islamic studies
In Islamic studies the children have been learning about Allah and His creation around us. They have also been learning Islamic greetings and have started to learn about the pillars of Islam. All of the teachers are very pleased with their work! 

Notes to parents:
The whole class have made huge progress in their learning. Please bring them on visits to your local library and let them look at the books! They will be able to read some of them too!