Sunday, 12 February 2017

Junior infants Blog-January

This month Junior infants have been learning to read! This has been a busy time but we are all doing great work! Our theme in the classroom was food, and we had a restaurant and shop in our classroom! We loved dressing up as chefs and pretending to be shopkeepers!

In English we have started to read! This has been tricky but we have been practicing lots and even played games with our new letters and words. This was lots of fun! We have been reading books in the classroom and using our sound-it-out method to help us!

In maths we have been learning all about the number 5! The number 5 is our favourite number so far and we have played lots of games to help us learn more about it! We have been very busy learning how to make different groups using 5! We even played some fun games and worked as part of a team!

Healthy eating
The food dudes visited our school this month! They gave us lots of nice fruit and vegetables to try! We must try each fruit or vegetable 5 times before we can decide if we like it! But Miss O’ Brien must try hers 15 times! This is because our taste buds are younger! We have loved trying out these fruits and vegetables and even won some cool prizes along the way! Check out our ideas for healthy lunches in our class window!

In P.E. we have been learning all about directions! This has been lots of fun and lets us work together! We even had a scavenger hunt around the yard with senior infants! This has helped us to give and follow instructions! 


This month we have been learning all about food. We even met the food dudes and tried out new fruit and vegetables! During play time we played in the shop and a restaurant! This let us learn new words and practice our writing! We had lots of fun doing this! 

The postman
We were very lucky this month as the postman came to visit us! He told us all about the journey a letter takes and even showed us his postbag! This was really interesting and we learned lots!

Notes from teacher:

The whole class has made huge progress in their reading. Please keep practicing their word bags at home and encourage them to look at books!