Monday, 19 December 2016

Junior infants blog

This month has been a busy in junior infants. We have been preparing for our winter show and working really hard in all of our lessons.

This month we had science week! We completed a lego workshop and got to make spinning tops! We really enjoyed this! We also  had a science fair, and our class made lava lamps. They were really messy and lots of fun!

In art, we have been practicing our cutting skills! Holding a scissors is really tricky so we need lots of practice with them! Some of us have even been practicing at home! We love cutting shapes to make pictures, snowmen and rocket ships!

This month we travelled to outer space! We had lots of fun preparing the space ship and making our passports! On our trip we met aliens and even had a picnic in the moon!

We have been practicing our handwriting and listening to stories. We have started to read 3 letter words and had lots of fun learning how to read these words!

In Maths we have been learning all about numbers. We worked together to make sets of numbers and helped each other to see which is the smallest or largest number!

Notes from teacher: everyone has done fantastic work this month! Over the winter holidays make sure the children keep practicing their letters and also listen to stories!