Friday, 18 November 2016

October blog!

This month we have been learning lots of new and exciting things in our classroom. Our theme this month was animals!

We have been learning nursery rhymes like Humpty Dumpty and Baa Baa black sheep. We love doing our rhymes with actions! We have also read the Very Hungry Caterpillar. We even drew pictures and made our own book! We now know how to write over 15 letters! Every Friday we visit the library in the local secondary school. We love reading time and listening to stories!

This month we had Math week. We worked alongside other students in the school to solve puzzles. Some of us even won prizes!
We have been learning to make patterns. We had lots of fun ordering our blocks and bears based on their height!


In geography we have been drawing maps. We walked around the school-yard and picked out the main features. We then drew a map of our journey! We also learned about where animals live.


We have been moving lots in school this month! During P.E. we work together to practice important skills such as running, catching and throwing! We had lots of fun with beanbags this month, practicing our hand-eye co-ordination!

This month we have been working really hard in Arabic lessons. We used sand as a way to write and practice our letters and numbers! This was really fun!

We have been practicing writing our names in Arabic and also the days of the week. We now know the days of the week in 3 languages!

This month was a very busy month for our class! We have learned lots and have enjoyed getting to know each other more! We cannot wait for our next month in school!

Notes from Ms. O' Brien: The whole class has made great progress this month! I am very proud of their work! Keep practicing their sounds and writing at home. They all also enjoy listening to stories!