Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Growing and Changing

Back in March the children of Junior and Senior Infants planted sunflower seeds in tiny little pots. They each had they own pot with their name on it.  The seeds needed soil to keep them warm so they each put a little bit in the pot and then popped their seed into the soil. 



We talked about what the seeds need to grow and we learned that water and sunlight were very important so each child put their pot on the window to begin growing. 

We began to see some small stems shooting out of the soil. It has only been a few weeks!


There have been lots of exciting changes in our class the last few weeks, boys and girls getting taller, hair getting longer and even some teeth falling out. We discussed how babies change into big boys and girls in Junior Infants just like little seeds grow into big yellow sunflowers. 
The boys and girls of Junior Infants are getting so big, they can swim and read now (something babies cannot do). 
Last week we went on an adventure to the duck pond to have a look at the ducklings. It was very exciting and we even saw a mommy swan sitting on her nest of eggs! 
Maybe we'll get to see some goslings soon.


Giving the ducks some bread!
We have been watering our seeds for a long time and they have slowly but surly getting taller and taller. They now have long stems and big leaves. Now we are just waiting for the beautiful flowers to bloom. 

These children have twins in their pots!


During our maths lessons this month we have started talking about the concept of addition, so a nice way to display this outside of numeracy lessons.
It took the children a little while to understand this idea but its great for them to see maths being used in another subject like SESE. 

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

X Marks the Spot!!!

This month our classroom has been transformed. It is new a pirate themed room!

There are lots of new words and phrases and words that we have been learning and praticing the past few weeks that pirates say such as:



We have been learning about the Jolly Rodger flag that pirate ships use. During playtime the children got to design their own flag and for an art lesson the children painted their own Jolly Rodger flag. 

We are learning some fantastic poems and rhymes about pirates and sailors. Our favourite poem is 'A pirate went to see see see'. (See link below)

A pirate went to see see see

Each day we have been reading the story of Peter Pan. I read two or three pages each day of the story. It was very exciting waiting to hear what was going to happen next. 

We met the characters The Darlings, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, The Lost Boys, Smee and Captain Hook. The children loved reading this story.