Saturday, 5 March 2016

On The Farm

On the Farm

Playtime for the month of March

This month with the change of weather and with winter pushed to the back of our memory our theme for Aistear for March is 'The Farm'. History, Geography and Science lessons are all based around farm animals their young and their homes. For English we are reading to story of Farmer Duck, Rosie's Walk, learning Old Mac Donald and Little Bo Peep. This all linked up perfectly with the theme of On The Farm. 
Farmer Duck- Martin Waddell
Rosies Walk- Pat Hutchins

I made a small world station this month with different animals; cows, sheep, ducks, chicks and made little areas for each animal similar to where you would find these animals on a real farm. 

The children are loving this. It is all about using their imaginations and I have heard some great things coming from that station during play time. 

    The ducks and chicks are proving to be the most popular animals and you can even see some informal use of mathematics with all the eggs sorted into groups based on the colour of them. 

At the play dough station I have printed some great cards (Thanks Twinkl & Sparklebox) which give the children some prompts or guide them a bit when using it. I've seen some blue carrots and purple sheep. Very creative!!!


Another station of the play rota is a game station. One of the games is the children match the animals to where they live on the farm. I have attached velcro to the animals and the homes for the children to stick them. one game that has been proving to be very popular. 

I have tried to vary the activities that are at each station so at another station I have games such as eye spy and roll and colour. They take a sheet and roll the dice, whatever number the dice lands on they colour an animal with the corresponding number. 
Taken from Twinkl.

I think eye spy is a great game for children who find it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time. Its a page with lots of different animals and farmers and once child must pick one image and the other children must guess which animal was picked. 
Taken from Twinkl.

There is lots of excitement about the new activities for play time. The class has become very familiar with the different farm animals and their young that i have even noticed them finding them in storybooks in the classroom and also in the library. 

We have grown to love playtime and with the introduction of the visual timetable the children do not even need me to tell them which station to go to anymore. They move before I even start talking. 

Happy Spring!!!

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