Tuesday, 1 March 2016

At The Shops

Aistear- At The Shops

During the month of February our playtime was centred around the theme 'Going to the shops'. I had a small shop set up in the play corner. The children could use the shopping baskets to pick up their food and bring it to the cash register to pay for it with the coins. The children also found a plastic bag and used it to carry their shopping home. 

Another group played with the play dough. They made lots of different food like bananas, apples and strawberries, but their favourite thing to make was cakes.  

On the literacy station the children cut out words and pictures of food to make shopping lists. Writing shopping lists and recipes turned out to be a great success... Some of the children decided to write their own lists and two girls even decided to write a recipe for pancakes and a cake. 

A new game that was introduced this month to the circus of activities was a matching game with food cards. The children had to pick up two cards and try to find a match. If the cards were the same they could keep them until the end. There was great excitement about the amount of cards some children had collected at the end of the game when they were all gone!  

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